Agent Spotlight

Every month we pick an agent whom has exceeded our expectations in/out of the office.  It can be from working hard or being a genuine human being that makes positive changes in the world.  But whatever it is that they've done to deserve the spotlight will be highlighted here, every month!


DeJean Duncan

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"An inspiring person who has a humble caring heart" - Thomas Paulauskas

DeJean has been working professionally as a Real Estate Agent since January 2021 and for the last seven months he has proudly been a part of the Paulauskas Realty team!  During this time he has been a part of the buying/selling of four homes.

Interview with DeJean

What do you love about being an agent?

I love helping people.

Do you check in with previous clients?  If so, why?

I love to check in with my previous clients. To me, they're not just "some client" or "some sale".  To me, my clients are like close friends and family.

What encourages you to be the best at what you do?

My family and being a great example for my daughter.  "How you do one thing, is how you do everything" and if you're going to do something, you have to do it 100%.

What would you want prospecting clients to know about you before working with you?

I would want them to know that I'm passionate about real estate and hard working!  I work with every buyer like they are a part of my family and I will only do what is best for them.


"When DJ first approached me to join the team I could tell right away that he was very motivated and excited to help people in the real estate industry.


He is an inspiring person who has a humble caring heart. On this team your heart is more important than your back. What I mean is the amount he cares for this team and his clients is more important than how hard he works. Even more so, the more he cares the harder and more persistent he works.


DJ never backs down from a challenge and he is always willing to try and try again until his skill level surpasses expectations.


I love that his goals are not based on money and instead are based on what life he can provide for his daughter and his wife.


Keep a look out for DJ, he will quickly rise to the top of this industry and make increasable moves towards a high level of success."

                                    -Thomas Paulauskas

We wanted to thank Dejean Duncan for the hard work he put into getting us to our new home. The market was not easy, yet he kept motivating us to keep pushing forward and that the right house would come. He was right, we are excited about our new home and that we get to live nearby our close relatives. It was awesome to work with someone who understood what we were looking for and kept a confident attitude through it all.

Cesia & Joe Hipps