Memorial being built. Love seeing this stuff.

Heeeellloooo and Good Morning. So today I saw an article about a new bill by Steve Knight that was approved by the House to construct a beautiful memorial. This will be in honor of those who lost their lives during the 1928 Saint Francis Dam Disaster. Killing 431 people, this disaster caused grief to many families. It is nice to see that these people who unnecessarily have passed on will be remembered in what I am sure is gonna be a beautiful site. It is supposed to be located by Santa Clarita. My family and I are definitely am going to make the drive to check it out once completed.

Now that the House has approved this bill, let's just hope the Senate approves this too.

Besides that, I hope everyone has a great day. Work hard, be successful, and always save room in your heart to commemorate those we love and have lost.

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