Chicken Salads, Bowling

Happy Monday everybody, it's your favorite realtor Thomas Paulauskas here. Just wanted to do a quick blog about this awesome chicken salad I had at Primo's Burgers today. This weekend I went bowling with my family at Brunswick Bowling Alley and though I had a blast, I also ate a lot, so today is a salad day.

I gotta say, for the price, this was a good salad. Thin-sliced seasoned chicken, crisp greens and juicy tomatoes. Energizing and delicious.

On another note (from my business side), we have a great new property at 41465 Bonita Drive in Palmdale. This place has huge space, lots of room, and is going for $455,000. Don't miss out on this opportunity!

Well, that's it for today! Have a blessed day everyone!!

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