A Terrible Tragedy

As everyone has heard, the massacre that look place in Las Vegas left over 50 people dead and near 500 injured, making this the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history. This, as well as the numerous shootings that have occurred in the past years, such as Columbine, Orlando, Blacksburg, Sandy Hook and many others, have left many, including myself, in shock and with a weeping heart. These great horrors should make us appreciate our families and friends more than ever. Even though it is three hours away, Las Vegas is a familiar place to many Californian's, and I have heard reports that some who lived in Antelope Valley were at the concert. We should all pray to God that He helps to ease these awful times for the families and friends of the victims, not only for this shooting, but for all who've lost someone in a tragic manner. In everything we are feeling today until the feelings that will linger years from now, we must always remember those we have lost with a full heart, and remember them in gladness, not sorrow, and with joy for their memories, not pain from their loss.

God bless everyone.

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