Antelope Valley Fair has turned 80! Congrats!

Hello and good morning everybody its your favorite realtor Thomas Paulauskas. As everyone from the Antelope Valley is year after year, I am already looking forward to our local fair next year. After reading on the Antelope Valley Times website (sort of rushed in the morning, hard to read the newspaper at times) that the theme for next year is a celebration of the fair turning 80! With a cute slogan 'Holy Cow, We're 80 Now!' The theme was submitted and won by Kathleen Densing, who from the article sounded super excited! Congratulations to her! With great music like the Doobie Brothers at this years fair and the awesome rides for the kids, I am sure this 80th celebration is going to be a blast!

A big congratulations to the Antelope Valley Fair! And thank you for giving our town a fun, family event that everyone can enjoy and look forward to going to year after year.

Read the full article in the link below :)

Link to Article

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