California Wildfires

The last few weeks have been a horrible time for California. The fires are burning out of control and the damage and effect on lives has been devastating. According to, over 1,000 building have been been destroyed and has forced thousands out of their homes. The flames have burned more than 230,000 acres and caused over 45 million in damages. With total evacuations at almost 100,000 people, this is one of the worst wildfires in the modern era.

The damage from something like this can never be repaired, much like Hurricane Katrina or a destructive tornado in the mid-west. Though many will repair their lives, and thankfully be okay, their are many who will experience hardships as a result of this fire for the rest of their lives. I only pray to God, as I hope everyone will, to help all those effected from this catastrophe safety, solace, and the return to a fruitful life. God bless, and please everyone, pray.

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