Top 5 Spots on Lancaster Blvd.

Sometimes thought to be a more boring town, Lancaster, California actually has lots of great things to do. Besides the massive Cinemark 22 Theater w/ IMAX and D-box seating and various delicious Frozen Yogurt spots (Sweet Frog!!!), we also have a newly renovated Downtown Boulevard, and it is beautiful. If you still think Lancaster is a boring So-Cal town, try my Top 5 favorite spots on Lancaster Boulevard.

5. The Brooklyn Deli - Delicious Local Deli

One of the restaurants that came with the renovation, this local favorite serves decadent Brooklyn-style Deli. They are known mostly for their Corned Beef Pastrami Reuben, and because of this I decided to try one, and since it is all I have ordered. However, if that's not your thing, their are other enticements on the menu such as a Roast Beef that teases me whenever someone else orders it.

4. Kinetic Brewing Company - Craft Beers and Hearty Food

Serving delicious beer w/ a variety of flavors and alcohol percentages (to help you gauge the night), this local brewery does it up right. Serving up only premium beers as well as delicious foods and snacks, you simply can't go wrong. If your looking for a plainer beer, they have plenty of great IPA's, including the 3x Dry-Hopped Infrared Red Rye IPA. If your looking for something wilder, they have great creations, such as the Monkey Tail, which is a chocolate & banana infused Pendulum Hefeweizen. The point is, regardless of your flavor, they have something for you. Click on Kip to check out their website!

Go to Kinetic Brewing Website

3. Bee Honey - Quality Local Honey

This spot makes the top 5 for quality of ingredients. Just as the title implies, this wonderful little spot sells local Bee Honey, Bees Wax, and Bee Soap. However, this store lacks no variety at all. The types of Honey available seems endless, as some varieties include Pollen Honey, Ginger Honey, Avocado Honey, and my personal favorite Wild Flower Honey. The soap also feels incredible and comes in Lavender, Myrhh and more. Also, as most know, local honey is great for allergies.

2. Giannini's Bistro & Grill - Italian Grill That You Won't Forget

As the entry above, Giannini's is all about quality. They serve us some of the freshest, hottest food in the entire Antelope Valley, and don't empty your pockets in the process. With options such as the Pesto Chicken Pasta, Seared Ahi, Tri-tip any way you want it and my personal favorite the Baked Ravioli, there is almost no way you can go wrong. And to top it off, their onion rings are out of this world! Click on the picture to see their website.

Giannini's Website

1. Katz N' Jammerz - 50's-style Diner and Local Favorite

Though not technically 'on the boulevard', one of the oldest restaurants in Lancaster steals the show. Located at 44801 Beech Ave, Lancaster, CA 93534 right around the corer, Katz N' Jammerz has been here for over 2o years and has no signs of going anywhere. This 50's style-diner serves up delicious diner foods, but the breakfast is out of this world. Omelettes as wide as the eye can see and pancakes that put IHOP to shame, this place has it all. If your looking for a delicious meal that will leave you satisfied, look no more, and get up early, because they close at 2 P.M.

Honorable Mentions - The Lemon Leaf Cafe, Bex, Modern Tea Room

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