Top 5 Valentines Dates in the AV

The season of love is here, and people are trying to make plans everywhere. As Valentines day creeps up for us residents of the Antelope Valley, we are often not sure what to do. Many of us go out of town, but on a weeknight it just is not practical, so I am going to give you my Top 5 spots go on a Valentines Date in the Antelope Valley.

5. Cinemark 22 - Dinner Needs a Movie

At number 5 is our local Lancaster Theater Cinemark 22. Now with IMAX & D-box Seating, this entertainment arena is no joke, and with great movies out like Jumanji and Den of Thieves, there is no way you can go wrong seeing an awesome flick with your loved one. Click on Norman Reedus to See the Movie Times on Valentines Day!

4. Antelope Adventures Kids Club in the AV Mall Food Court - Family Fun on a Busy Night

Sometimes life calls, and we can't get away, even on Valentines Day. For those who have children like myself, getting the night alone is not always possible. If this is you, take your children to the AV Mall Food Court on Valentines Day from 4:30PM to 6:30 PM, where they can decorate a Valentines Day Treat bucket, and then enjoy a treat from one of the great food vendors in the mall (Mrs. Fields Cookies anyone?) - Click the Picture for More Details!

3. Pour D'Vino - Upscale Environment w/ Gourmet Food

I must confess, I have not eaten here. However, I have not stopped hearing how good this place is and how nice it is and the incredible service. Combine the raving reviews with a beautiful variety of wine available, plus meals like Filet Mignon & Lamb Shanks on the menu, this is a sure-fire spot to go if your looking to enjoy a good meal in a classy environment. Also, it sits on the lovely Lancaster Boulevard at 741 W. Lancaster Boulevard. Click on Jon Stewart to See Their Website!

2. Broken Bit Steakhouse - The Best of Quartz Hill

Okay, so now it is time to get serious. Steak. And I'm not talking an Outback Sirloin (not that I don't swing by Outback from time to time), I am talking about a 24 oz. Cowboy Rib-Eyes that is cooked to such a succulent perfection that it almost feels wrong to eat it. I am talking about a 10 oz Flat Iron that is as tender as it is juicy, and as juicy as juicy can be. I am talking real steak. It does cost a pretty-penny, but if you want to eat in a beautiful environment with great service and a perfect meal, look no further, and Click on the Hungry McGregor to See Their Website!

1. Fresco II - Mediterranean Cuisine That Spares No Expense

My number 1 pick which I am sure surprised no one is Fresco II. This staple of the Antelope Valley has consistently served up extremely delicious food and provides some of the best service I have encountered.... anywhere. The owner Lenny is extremely personable, and the environment inside reflects that with warm colors and enticing decorations. Do not be confused though, if you plan on coming here, there is a dress code, so make sure you and your date dress to impress before coming here for dinner! Click on Lisa and Ralph to See Their Website!

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Yardhouse in Palmdale, Claim Jumpers in Palmdale, Gino's Italian in Lancaster & Gianninis Bistro in Lancaster

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