Senior Gets Full Ride to 20 Colleges

Most mornings I like to take a good twenty minutes to browse through new articles about local and/or worldwide issues and stories. Usually I skim through a few and read one or two. However, once in a while I read an inspiring story that I feel needs to be shared.

There is a senior in Texas who, after working hard his whole life, has received 20 FULL RIDE SCHOLARSHIPS including 4 Ivy League Schools.

17 year-old Michael Brown grew up in a tough part of Houston, and is a stunning example of what a person can accomplish with concentration, study, and determination (Even if his IQ is naturally higher than most, which it very well may be, one should not dock the willpower needed to accomplish this). Active in the debate team and often searching to learn more on his own, this student at Lamar High School showed promise of excelling since a young age. His mother even quotes in an article by Caitlin Keating at that she was 'kicked to the curb' by 6th grade.

Now, after all this time, he finally has to make the big decision. Though he initially stated his dream was to go to Stanford, who knows what choice he will decide with 20 choices at his fingertips.

Best of luck to this young man. Let us all hope he does great things for us all.

And for those of you out there struggling to achieve what they want, take a look at this young man, and remember that you too can achieve your goals if you try hard and put your mind to it.

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Michael Brown

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