AV Poppy Festival with... 75 foot jumps?

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Helloooooo everybody it's your favorite realtor Thomas Paualauskas here! So, I have to ask, WHO ELSE IS EXCITED ABOUT THE POPPY FESTIVAL! Year after year this festival has served up good food, fun, laughs, and lots of wind! Hopefully less wind this year. Also, every year it seems this festival grows more and more. I remember when I was younger it was, though still a lot of fun, a rather small event - NOT ANYMORE THOUGH! This year they have kicked it up a notch with great music performances and some high-flying entertainment. Here are just SOME of the great events this year.

Performances by:

- Jukebox Blender

- Bleeding Harp

- Savannah Burrows

- Chris Lane

Also new this year, and what I am probably most excited about, is the Thrashed Kids, Inc. Freestyle Motocross Event, where this team will be performing feats across a 75 foot jump!

So, all my fellow Antelope Valleterians, make sure to get yourself some tickets to the Poppy Festival this weekend, they cost less than a movie ticket and offer thrice the good times. Even if your busy, the festival lasts all day. And for those of you who are new to our town, make sure to add the Poppy Festival to your list of yearly trips, along with the fair!

Click the pic below to buy tickets!

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