My 'Big 4' Tips to Prep Your Home for Listing

Hello and Goodmorning Antelope Valley! It's your favorite realtor Thomas Paulauskas with some more great Real Estate Tips for you!

Most homeowners are not in the position to fix up everything before selling their home. That being said, there are plenty of inexpensive ways to kick up your home a notch before it hits the market. In particular, there are several recommendations I have that I like to call 'The Big 4' which I have listed below for you!

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1. Clean. A good deep clean is an absolute necessity after you have removed the clutter. This involves cleaning your home both inside and out. The floors, walls, baseboards, doors and all surfaces in your home should be thoroughly cleaned. If possible, the outside of your home and the driveways and walkways should be power washed. When it comes to cleaning, I recommend that you either form a cleaning crew (you and 3 or more friends) or better yet, simply hire a cleaning service. A good deep clean should cost around $150-$200 or so, depending on the size and condition of your home. For the power washing, I recommend you hire a reputable contractor.

2. De-clutter. When you think about the idea of de-cluttering, think of floor space and counter space. Generally, you will want to display the maximum amount of floor space and the maximum amount of countertop space. As you look around at the floors and counter spaces (including tabletops, desks, etc) of your home, identify things that don’t belong and make these areas as clear as possible. If you have large pieces of furniture that are taking up a big chunk of floor space and can be eliminated, consider putting those items in storage or storing them in your garage. The more uncluttered and unencumbered floor space the buyer can see, the larger and more inviting your home will feel.

3. De-personalize. Once your home is de-cluttered and clean, it’s time to take down personal items such as favorite sports team posters or memorabilia, reduce about 90% of personal/family photos and any other items that may throw off a buyer when looking at your home. Remember, buying a home is an emotional experience and many times a decision is made unconsciously which could have been based on a personal item or decoration that distracted them from the focus of the home.

4. Decorate. Minor neutral decorations make a huge difference in the appearance and the feeling of a home. Just like brand new homes that a builder displays as the model homes are always staged with plenty of color and class. Adding center pieces of a nice vase, flowers, or baskets makes a huge difference in the warmth a potential buyer will feel when viewing the home. Neutral art framed on the walls and strategically placed furniture is also important.

You do not have to be a professional to do these things, I offer a free staging consultation to walk you through the best ways to stage your home for the best outcome

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